Paris Attacks

The Paris attack already gave rise to suspicion to many. The video clips, snaps and its reaction which were spread immediately after the attack made many people claim that the event was fabricated which aims to persecute the Syrian refugees.

1. A website of France has claimed that many fake videos and pictures were spread rapidly through the social media immediately after the attack which kept provoking against the Muslim Syrian refugee. ( As a result, a group of Christian extremists attacked the refugee camp in a bit. A camp consists of 6000 refugees were set on fire at night. The number of dead Muslim refugees in that incident was not revealed. (

2. It has been told citing a TV channel of France, John Brennan, Director of CIA, met the Chief of Security of France just before the attack. Also news was found that they contacted Mossad. (
3. A group called “Anonymous Truth seeker” claimed after analyzing some videos and images that the so-called Paris attack is nothing but a staged drama. The western anti-Muslim media jointly staged the drama. (
4. Many have raised a question that the imperialists were behind this incident so that they can start World War III. ( Many in the West have expressed doubts about the alleged attack in Paris; because if any Muslim committed the attack, they would do it for a purpose. But it seems that anti-Muslim adversity and anti-Refugee adversity are rapidly spreading throughout Europe which is against the interest of Muslims. Rather, a group of people are trying to persecute Muslims for this incident.
I think many have clearly anticipated the purpose and goal of this incident at this point.

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